The Italian furniture company Driade was founded in Piacent by Enrico Astori, his sister Antonia, and his wife Adelaide Acerbi. They became known to the world at the Milan Furniture Fair of 1968. Antonia Astori was herself a prolific designer for the company and was involved with the shaping of its visual identity, also producing a highly successful series of geometrically conceived, clearly articulated storage systems, such as Oikos of 1972, Kaos of 1986, and Pantos of 1993. The company manufactured many of its own products but also subcontracted, or edited, the fabrication of others. Many leading designers were commissioned to design furniture for the company including Enzo Mari (Delfina chair, 1974), Achille Castiglione, (Sancarla Chair, 1982), Philippe Starck (Lord Yo chair, 1994), Alessandro Mendini, and Borek Sípek. In 1996, the firm began production of its own magazine Driade Edizioni.