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cirque pendant lamp

from Louis Poulsen - Sale

cirque pendant lamp

Design Clara von Zweigbergk, 2016
Spun aluminum, powder-coated
Made in Denmark by Louis Poulsen

"I don't mind at all if - sitting in their kitchens - people look up and start thinking of hot-air balloons and carousels" -Clara von Zweigbergk

The Cirque series of pendant lights was inspired by a trip to Tivoli in Copenhagen. Tivoli is full of whirls and twirls - carousels, cotton candy makers and wheels of fortune. When an object spins very fast, colors merge to become horizontal bands of color. These inspirations resulted in a vibrant design uniting unconventional colors and forms in a series of truly innovative lamps that will add both edge and charisma to their surroundings - both in daylight and when lit.

Cirque is available in four color combinations - one extremely colorful and the other three slightly more subdued and in three diameter sizes: 5.9", 9" and 15". With its medium-based socket, the lamps can be used with a wide range of light sources, including several LED models. This feature allows the freedom to choose the best light source for color rendering and light temperature in the room.

A diffused, downward light is reflected from the matte white inside of the aluminum lamp and is glare-free when hung at normal height. When hung individually, Cirque lamps will add a dash of color to any room, while the ultimate decorative effect is achieved by suspending clusters of Cirque lamps together as a creatively integrated element to the design. Due to its direct downward light distribution, it is particularly suited for suspending low above tables or as low-hanging groups in a corner.

Cirque is a robust lamp designed for use in kitchens, children's bedrooms, bars and restaurants. Cirque is easy to clean, decorative when not lit, and provides extremely atmospheric lighting when lit.

cirque 150 small: 7.4" h | 5.9" dia. | requires 1x25W /A19 medium or LED bulb
cirque 220 medium: 11.6" h | 9" dia. | requires 1x60W or 25W /A-19 medium or LED bulb
cirque 380 large: 18.8" h | 15" dia. | requires 1x100W or 60W /A-19 medium or LED bulb

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Honoring Danish design tradition, Louis Poulsen designs are based on the principle that form follows function. Passionate craft-ship, quality materials and innovative designs are instrumental in producing this iconic lighting.


cirque pendant lamp

there are no reviews of this product yet.