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cherner rectangular table

by Benjamin Cherner from Cherner

cherner rectangular table

Design Benjamin Cherner
Molded plywood, cross-ply plywood, solid edge
Made in the USA by The Cherner Chair Company

New, molded plywood tables by Benjamin Cherner (son of Norman Cherner) are designed to compliment Cherner seating in a formal or informal setting. Available in finishes to match other Cherner products. Molded plywood legs with exposed and profiled top.

Norman Cherner's sons formed the Cherner Chair Company in 1999 to manufacture and market some of the most recognized designs from their father's portfolio. As an architect and furniture designer, Ben Cherner has developed the Cherner Table series in the Cherner style of design.

Available in three size options in your choice of classic walnut, classic ebony (ebonized walnut) or European Beech veneer. Note: classic walnut products have a walnut veneer with a subtle walnut tint which give the core and walnut veneer a uniform appearance. Natural walnut products have a clear finish which emphasizes the contrast between the exposed beech core and walnut face veneer.

72" L | 34" w | 29.5" h | 1" thick
80" L | 34" w | 29.5" h | 1" thick
92" L | 34" w | 29.5" h | 1" thick
assembly required

$3,399.00 + free shipping
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average rating: 5

Benjamin Cherner

Benjamin Cherner is the son of the furniture designer Norman Cherner and co-founder of the Cherner Chair Company. Benjamin heads the multi-disciplinary design studio Chernerdesign and designed the Cherner Table which was inspired by and made to correspond with his father’s famous pieces.
Cherner's environmental philosophy is that you will never find a Cherner Chair product in a landfill. Cherner designs are cherished and handed down to future generations.


cherner rectangular table