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mitt lounge chair

from Bernhardt Design

mitt lounge chair

Design Claudia + Harry Washington, 2013
Upholstery, casters (wheels), loop cording
Made in USA by Bernhardt Design

Often very specific requirements result in the most interesting design. Some of the most enduring furniture was designed for a particular purpose - think Arne Jacobsen and the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Successful products address particular problems, but also have relevance beyond those immediate solutions. Such is the case with Harry and Claudia Washington's new Mitt lounge - a very personal chair that far transcends its original context.

The chair's comfortable and relaxed form, reminiscent of a baseball glove, served as the inspiration and provided its name, Mitt. True to form, stitching and tailoring plays an integral part in its appeal. The soft profile of the chair is highlighted by a distinctive loop cording around the perimeter. The design is relaxed, casual and open, which allows users to sit in different ways, depending on the situation.

Harry met Claudia in 2001, while they were both earning degrees in interior design at the University of Applied Arts in San Salvador. They founded their design studio DUE in October 2004 & FabricaDUE in 2005, which operates through artisan techniques and local manual labor to manufacture the designs generated in the studio. Their works include residential interior architecture, space planning, retail interior design, and the creation of branding concepts for retail stores. In El Salvador, both Harry and Claudia are frequent lecturers at the University of Applied Arts, The Esen Business School, and the Monica Herrera Marketing School. Their works are exhibited at the Marte Museum of Art in San Salvador.

Mitt is fully upholstered and features weight-locking castors, a distinctive loop cording and available with or without a matching handle. It may be upholstered in a variety of fabrics or leathers and contrast cording may be specified. With these functional specifications Mitt allows users to quickly move the chair to suit their needs in a space. Mitt is the perfect chair for the guaranteed constant in our world - change.

33.5" w | 33.5" d | 32" h | seat: 16.5" h

$2,905.00 + free shipping
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Bernhardt Design is a leading innovator in furniture design. Partnering with Ross Lovegrove to create the iconic Go Chair, the world's first magnesium chair. Bernhardt Design supports new generations of creative talent.


mitt lounge chair

there are no reviews of this product yet.