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klara table with mdf top & beech base

by Patricia Urquiola from Moroso

klara table with mdf top & beech base

Design Patricia Urquiola, 2011
Beech or oak wood base, lacquered MDF tops
Made in Italy by Moroso

Klara is a series of tables & chairs designed for Moroso in 2011 by Patricia Urquiola. For Moroso it represents a new way of promoting the experience and skills of the Manzano manufacturing district, which for over a hundred years has been a model of Italian excellence in the industrial production of wooden seating. The design reinterprets the spirit of the early avant-garde movements of industrial design connected with the new developments that opened the way to the first examples of mass production, based on a close collaboration between the arts, industry and craftwork.

Born in Oviedo, Patricia Urquiola attended the Madrid Polytechnic and the Milan Polytechnic Universities where she graduated in 1989 with Achille Castiglioni as her supervisor of whom she was assistant at the Milan Polytechnic from 1990 to 1992. She has worked with many great talents and a plethora of companies worldwide. This brilliant Spanish architect is a phenomenon not to be lost sight of.

A design based on clean lines, a curved yet simple shape displaying a meticulously precise design language. Klara's shape and simplicity emphasize the wood's natural lightness. Klara tables are available in various sizes and feature either a waxed natural beech, waxed natural oak or lacquered beech frame. The tops are offered in MDF in your choice of colors. Assembly required.

small: 17.25" dia. | 17.75" h
medium: 22" dia. | 16.5" h
large: 28.75" dia. | 13.75" h
x-large: 33" dia. | 14.5" h

$1,080.00 + plus shipping
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Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola believes in design that combines the humanistic, technological and social. Her design finds unexpected connections between the familiar and the unexplored.
Iconic designs have propelled Moroso in the designer furniture market with help from well known designers: Patricia Urquiola, Konstantin Grcic and others. Each piece maintains a noticeable Moroso style while representing other cultures as well.


klara table with mdf top & beech base

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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