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modern design for the home

chaplin dining chair

from Montis

chaplin dining chair

Design Gerard Van den Berg, 1983
Metal frame, molded foam, dacron, upholstery
Made in Holland by Montis

The upholstery covers the Chaplin chair like an article of clothing. The cover hangs nonchalantly on the chair like a padded 'jacket' and is secured all around with four zips. The Chaplin chairs are ideally suited for a comfortable eating or discussion area. The version on castors is ideal for use in a work area.

Chaplin is also offered with an optional Flex adjustable back by taking advantage of the chairs' flexible upholstery material. The result? A truly elegant reclining lounge chair! The appearance of the upholstery remains unchanged as the position of the chair shifts.

In comparison with the standard back, the Chaplin flex option can be shifted backward (9cm) using a lever at the bottom of the cover. The back will follow you automatically, so you will have adequate support in any sitting position. If desired the back can be locked in the position that is best for you.

Please note the caps and castors are not interchangeable due to the difference in support dimensions. Chaplin with a fabric cover may have a seam in the back.

23.6" w | 23.6" d | 39.4" h | seat: 18.5" h | arms: 26"

$1,646.00 + plus shipping
(please allow 12-16 weeks for this special item to be created and shipped to your location)
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Montis stands out with unique color combinations and the use of various leathers. Montis sets itself apart from its competitors and achieves high comfort by often applying techniques that came to be regarded as distinctly Dutch.


chaplin dining chair

there are no reviews of this product yet.