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modern design for the home

marvin lounge chair

from Montis

marvin lounge chair

Design Christophe Marchand, 2010
Upholstery, metal frame, dacron
Made in Holland by Montis

When commissioning its design, the objective was to create an attractive armchair that included an invisible relaxation function. A new technical process was conceived operating according to fundamental principles that differ from those seen in the usual systems. Using two simple cords on either side, the functions for the backrest and feet are provided with support using pressure cylinders. The main support has an integrated mechanism. The relaxation function is fully adjustable according to body length or sleep requirements. The flexible main support can be used to choose between an active or passive posture. The various components are individually upholstered and can be furnished in a variety of colors and materials according to a set variation. This makes Marvin unique in its class!

Marvin is offered in three models:
- basic model without footrest and relaxation function which only has the possibility to tilt the headrest forwards.
- A version without footrest which only has the possibility to tilt the back with the arms and to tilt the headrest forwards.
- Full version which includes an 'invisible' relaxation function and an invisible footrest. In the full version, by using two levers, the back and arms can be tilted and a footrest will slide underneath the seat using a pressure cylinder. For a more comfortable headrest, the upper portion of the back can also be tilted forward.

Please note: Because of the hollow shape of this product, in combination with the used filling, puckering occurs during upholstery and/or use. The degree of puckering is determined by the elasticity of the upholstery. This is indeed inevitable, but gives a pleasant nonchalance, which makes the piece of furniture less strict.

31.5" w | 33.5" d | 43.3" h | seat: 17.3" h | arms: 24.8" h

$6,010.00 + plus shipping
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Montis stands out with unique color combinations and the use of various leathers. Montis sets itself apart from its competitors and achieves high comfort by often applying techniques that came to be regarded as distinctly Dutch.


marvin lounge chair

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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