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arco slim table by bertjan pot

by Bertjan Pot from Arco

arco slim table by bertjan pot

Bertjan Pot, 2008
Steel sandwich, oak veneer
Made in the Netherlands by Arco

The seemingly impossible Slim Table involves the use of an innovative steel sandwich construction with a lightweight honeycomb-structure core. Designer Bertjan Pot: "Some people will feel that the composite structure of the Slim Table undermines its authenticity, but this is actually what makes it authentic. The inherent properties of the different materials have been used as honestly as possible: metal for its strength and wood for its tactile and aesthetic qualities. Without innovation, minimalism quickly becomes a dead end."

Bertjan Pot is a designer of mostly furniture and lighting. His methods are concentrated in his interest in skins of the structural and non-structural kind. He studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He considers theory as something to think about and something to discuss when not designing. "When it comes to designing one should just design without being blocked by too many theories."

Products can be finished with a matte-natural finish (N) or project finish (P). The two different finish options provide excellent protection for the wood. N-finish gives the wood an unmistakable matte appearance and the open structure of this finish provides good scratch resistance. On the other hand, N-finish requires a bit more attention when it comes to maintenance. P-finish also has a matte appearance, but is harder and more closed compared to N-finish. This makes this P-finish less sensitive to forming stains, while also providing a good scratch resistance. P-finish is easier to maintain than N-finish, which means it can be used in both residential and professional environments.

slim square:
50.4" L | 50.4" w | 29.5" h
59" L | 59" w | 29.5" h

slim rectangular:
63" L | 35.4" w | 29.5" h
75" L | 35.4" w | 29.5" h
82.7" L | 35.4" w| 29.5" h
94.5" L | 35.4" w | 29.5" h
110.2" L | 35.4" w | 29.5" h

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Bertjan Pot

Bertjan Pot focuses on material and production processes. He enjoys computer aesthetics and industrial production methods. Almost all of his designs come from experiments in materials.
Arco is a manufacturer of high quality design furniture. Paying attention to the environment, Arco produces durable and high quality furniture and uses a combination of computer technology and traditional craftsmanship.


arco slim table by bertjan pot

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