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fk 150 sideboard

by Kastholm & Fabricius from Lange Production

fk 150 sideboard

Design Jorgen Kastholm, 1973
Veneer, chrome-plated steel
Made in Denmark by Lange Production

The FK 150 Sideboard was designed in 1973 and today it is being produced at the same factory and on the same tools as back in the seventies. The sideboard is a perfect room divider as it is veneered on all surfaces on the outside as well as on the inside. It is made with an outstanding quality where the details speak for themselves. The FK150 cabinet is available in dark oak with dark oak doors, santos palisander with black doors and Olive wood with white doors.

Smoked oak
The characteristic feature of smoked oak are bright lines crossing the dark brown wood surface. An elaborate smoking process gives the oak its dark color with a rich and elegant appearance. the typical oak characteristics of fine age rings and expressive pore structure are maintained.

Olive tree
The olive tree is one of the oldest crops cultivated in the Old World and is wide-spread through the Mediterranean region. it is an extremely decorative wood. Its typical strong lines create a beautiful effect on large surfaces. Because of the short and gnarly growth of the olive tree, veneer size of more than 1 meter are rare.

Santos Palisander
Santos rosewood comes from South America and was originally meant to replace the endangered rio variety. today this noble precious wood has consolidated its market position as decorative furniture wood. the varied grain making of Santos rosewood accentuates its unusual and playful color.

17.7" d | 59" w | 28" h

$7,500.00 + free shipping
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Kastholm & Fabricius

Kastholm & Fabricius most well known designs are the Tulip Chair, Grasshopper Chair and Scimitar Chair. These highlighted their style of minimalist designs, attractive and comfortable, usually in steel and leather.
Henrik Lange wanted to get the production rights for the rare Fabricius & Kastholm Grasshopper chair, a long-time obsession of his. On Kastholm's end of the deal, he asked Lange to reintroduce the entire line and meet their original standards of quality. To do this, Lange worked from the original factory with the original tools.


fk 150 sideboard

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