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taccia table lamp

by Castiglioni from Flos

taccia table lamp

Design Achille Castiglioni, 1962
Metal, aluminum, glass or PMMA diffuser
Made in Italy by Flos

A shallow aluminum dome, enamelled with white heat-proof paint, is positioned on top of a deep glass bowl and becomes the reflecting screen of the table lamp. A bulb is hidden inside the metal base, which is corrugated to better disperse the bulb's heat. The glass bowl, which rests unattached on the base, moves to adjust the light's direction.

Achille Castiglioni said of Taccia in a 1970 interview: "We consider it the Mercedes of lamps, a symbol of success: perhaps because it looks like the shaft of a classical column. We certainly weren't thinking of prestige when we designed it. We just wanted a surface that would stay cool." Taccia was devised in 1958, designed and prototyped in 1959 and, after several years of study of the prototype by Flos to devise a mass production scheme, produced in 1962.

Taccia features a metal base, aluminum reflector and transparent diffuser. The diffuser is now offered in two choices, hand-blown glass or methacrylate plastic. The base is available in your choice of 3 finishes with an LED light source.

19.5" w | 21.2" h | base: 10.25" h | 7.5" dia. | black cord: 94" L | on/off switch on cord
2700K 2068 lumen CRI93 - 28W LED
taccia with glass shade: 33.73lbs | taccia with pmma shade: 16.76lbs.

$2,172.00 + free curbside delivery delivery in the continental US
(usually ships in 7-10 days)
average rating: 5


Achille Castiglioni was a renowned Italian industrial designer often inspired by everyday things. He made use of ordinary materials, preferring to use minimal materials to create a maximal effect. He was best known for his lamps for Flos; Luminator, Arco, and the Snoopy Lamp.
Design and innovation have been the two main pillars of Flos lighting since 1962. Taking care of the Planet and its inhabitants through beautiful and sustainable lighting is a third new pillar.



taccia table lamp

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