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bahia wall lamp

from Foscarini

bahia wall lamp
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bahia wall lamp

Design Paolo Lucidi & Luca Pevere, 2010
Injection molded polycarbonate
Made in Italy by Foscarini

Bahia is a wall and ceiling lamp that is seductive and captivating, thanks to the special nature of its design and the innovative interplay of light and shade that it produces. Its appeal is the result of three overlapping planes that have a slightly asymmetrical profile and reciprocal placement. The first two house the light source, accompanying the light that flows over their concave surface and vanishes towards the edges. The third element completes the composition, silhouetted through backlight with a strong, contrasting design. Every ray that emanates from Bahia is contained of light and shade, which make it both a lighting object and luminous decoration. Bahia is offered in total white, to underline its essential dramatic nature and its essence, without being ostentatious. It decorates a whole wall alone, with very little width, or can be used to create multiple compositions that are luminous archipelagos in both the home and the public spaces, especially in the low energy consumption and minimal maintenance LED version.

Wall lamp with reflected and diffused light. Consisting of two or three matt white injection molded polycarbonate egg-dshaped plates fitted together asymmetrically. The largest plate works as the wall mounting plate, and the central or two central plates conceal the lighting technology part and electronic ballast.

In the mini version the largest disc has been removed. The LED version is the natural development of Bahia. Foscarini has developed and engineered the LEDs in this model and managed to improve the magic of the light. In the mini version the largest disc has been removed.

bahia: 29.9" w | 27.75" h | 4" d | 7.5 lbs. | UL listed
LED version: 43W, 2850K, 4850 lumen, CRI90 | dimmable*

bahia mini: 21.6" w | 20.9" h | 2.5" d | 4.42 lbs. | UL listed
LED version: 25W, 2850K, 2425 lumen, CRI90, dimmable*

*Dimming capability is a 1-10V protocol which requires 5 wires and is not compatible with 3 wire setups. Please confirm your wiring setup prior to ordering.

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Riccardo Olivieri set up Foscarini Spa in Murano in 1981. Two years later, they debuted their catalog, with lamps from Carlo Urbinati and Allesandro Vecchiato, who would become the company's managers by 1988. Eventually these new owners would move the company off the island and into Venice, as well as transition Foscarini from a glassworks shop to a major design competitor. They had already begun working with external designers in 1985, but their first success came in 1990 with Rodolfo Dordoni's "Lumiere" Most all lighting projects were made of glass until 1993, at which point the Havana lamp primarily used polyethylene, making it lighter, more cost-effective, and able to be used indoors and outdoors. It now resides in the MoMA in New York. Other successful lamps would come to define the company, such as the "Mite & Tite" series by Marc Sadler in 2000 (which earned a Compasso d'oro), Patricia Urquiola's 2005 "Caboche" and Marc Sadler's signature lamp "Twiggy."


bahia wall lamp

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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