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magis 360° swivel chair

by Konstantin Grcic from Magis

magis 360° swivel chair

Design Konstantin Grcic, 2003
Steel tube, die-cast aluminum, polyurethane, epoxy resin
Made in Italy by Magis

360° is neither a stool nor a chair, but something in between. Its name implies that it swivels around and one can sit on it in all directions. It is meant for seated activities that require a constantly changing posture. 360° is not intended for long stints of work in a static position. Instead it encourages a form of dynamic sitting, short term, ad hoc, improvised - moving around.

Konstantin Grcic was born in Munich, Germany in 1965. After training as a cabinet maker at Parnham College in England he studied design at the Royal College of Art in London from 1988-1990. Konstantin Grcic creates industrial products widely described as pared down, simple, minimalist. What sets him apart from the minimalism in fashionable currency today is that he defines function in human terms, combining maximum formal strictness with considerable mental acuity and humor.

24.8" w | 24.8" d | 27.1"-30.7" h | seat: 18.5"-22" h

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Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic's designs are widely described as pared down, simple & essential. His take on minimalism uniquely functions on human terms and combines formal strictness with considerable mental acuity & humor.
Magis believes a design must not only be good, it should also satisfy a criteria of aesthetic functionalism. Magis combines quality production with a design sensibility that preserves the tradition of Italian made craftsmanship.


magis 360° swivel chair

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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