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Wall Panel System

by Finn Juhl from house of finn juhl

wall panel system

Design Finn Juhl, 1953
Oregon pine, oak, walnut, or teak veneer, burnished steel
Made in Denmark by House of Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl designed the wall-mounted panel and shelving system in 1953, which elegantly complemented his interior design.

When Finn Juhl designed a house or an interior, his objective was to create a harmonious totality where architecture, design and art come together - a so-called "Gesamtkunstwerk". A humanistic-inspired philosophy where all the elements in an interior seamlessly become one well-balanced unit. In his work, it translated into a philosophy where furniture and space seamlessly became one well-balanced unit. The Panel System supports this approach as it transforms walls into an integrated part of the overall interior design and at the same time add both warmth and character. Contrary to many of his architect colleagues, Finn Juhl worked from an inside-out approach, starting with the function of each room and how that was reflected in its interior design before he focused on the exterior.

Today, Finn Juhl's Panel System is still one of the most aesthetic and practical solutions for dynamic storage. The flexible system allows for cupboards and shelves to be moved around independently with almost limitless combinations of wood types, colors and even textiles available. The Panel System is crafted at House of Finn Juhl's own workshop in Ringkøbing, Denmark, where their headquarters is also located.

There are six predefined compositions available for you to choose from: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, and 3B. Each composition can be ordered in various materials. Please note that these six compositions are only examples; the element-based structure of the system allows for almost limitless combinations. Additional components (such as a magazine or wardrobe shelf) as well as additional wood options are available. Please contact Hive for assistance ordering custom configurations.

composition 1A: 31.5" w | 15.4" d | 78.75" h
composition 1B: 31.5" w | 19.3" d | 78.75" h
composition 2A: 62.2" w | 15.4" d | 78.75" h
composition 2B: 62.2" w | 19.3" d | 78.75" h
composition 3A: 92.9" w | 15.4" d | 78.75" h
composition 3B: 92.9" w | 19.3" d | 78.75" h

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Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl aimed at a more organic and natural design form without role models or inherited restrictions. He designed by measuring his own body and analyzing how the individual components of the chair should carry the human body.
Finn Juhl’s design universe is a joyful journey of shapes, aesthetics and inspiration. These classic Danish Modern masterpieces are authorized, licensed & manufactured in Denmark with respect for heritage and quality.


wall panel system

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