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Le Klint Model 101 Lantern Pendant

from Le Klint

le klint model 101 lantern pendant

Design Kaare Klint, 1944
Hand folded paper or PVC shade
Made in Denmark by Le Klint

"The development, from an inherited design through handicraft to commercial production, is not without tradition in Danish business history." - Kaare Klint

The Lantern, created in 1944, is one of the most detailed of the Le Klint lamps. Unique and fascinating, it is the perfect combination of design, technology and craftsmanship. The enclosed shape makes it perfect for hanging at height as it shades the light source from all angles.

Kaare Klint designed several fine lamps for Le Klint, of which several play a central part in the collection today. The Lantern is one of the most exciting pleated lamps from Le Klint. Even though it is well on in years, it is still among the best selling lamps. It is almost unbelievable that a rectangular piece of paper can be folded into a three dimensional ball with such a beautiful and complicated structure. The lamp harks all the way back to the Chinese paper lamps, but is still its own thing by virtue of the use of the cross-pleating.

Through his own furniture designs and his teachings, Kaare Klint influenced an entire generation of Danish furniture designers. He emphasized good materials and perfect craftsmanlike manufacturing. He thus had a particularly close collaboration with Rud. Rasmussens Snedkeri (Rud. Rasmussen's Cabinetmakers, now Carl Hansen & Søn), which still produce a wide range of his classic furniture. While the older brother Tage Klint primarily took care of the development of the technical principles behind the lampshades, Kaare Klint's speciality was the artistic work, such as printed matters, exhibitions and not least lamps and solid geometric constructions, which his pendant, the Lantern, is a good example of. He also designed the company logo, which was used in the first catalogue in October 1943.

small: 10.6" diameter | 14.2" h | requires 1x 10w E26 bulb
medium: 13.4" diameter | 17.3" h | requires 1x 10w E26 bulb
large: 16.5" diameter | 20.9" h | requires 1x 10w E26 bulb

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The story of Le Klint dates back to the start of the 20th century when the first pleated lamp shade was folded by Jensen-Klint an architect and engineer. Le Klint reflects a history of design and technology spanning over 100 years.


le klint model 101 lantern pendant

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