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Atelier Floor Hanger

from Design House Stockholm

atelier floor hanger

Design Alexander Lervik, 2020
Powder-coated cold rolled steel, coconut rug
Made by Design House Stockholm

Hang lots of clothes in minimal space with hangers distributed at different heights. Alexander Lervik's Atelier Collection is available here as a Floor Hanger, a stand-alone piece of furniture.

Alexander Lervik's Floor Hanger is a graphically precise framing device for featuring rather than hiding clothes. An open wardrobe for use as an independent furniture element in any space, with the additional benefit of airing out clothing to avoid another wash cycle.

"I wanted to hang a lot of clothes in a small space, and then be able to find a specific jacket or shirt immediately. I also wanted to feature the garments, to give them an architectural enclosure with a clear and direct graphic identity." Alexander gladly admits that his designs have a life of their own. The wardrobe has found its way into fashion stores where it frames a few rare items, and the homes of fashion addicts to show off their latest finds. The Atelier Collection also brings about a typological question: why hide clothes away in a wardrobe when you could use them as a fresh interior architectural device to reshape any space?

Apart from home, use the Atelier Collection in the office, lobby or restaurant to add elegant spaces for scarves, coats and jackets with hats on top. Take off your running shoes or boots and leave them on the soft coir mat. The Wall version is a perfect fit in any hallway, with the added benefit of the sill to hold phones, keys or even artwork.

22" w | 22" d | 67" h

$1,295.00 + free shipping
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Armed with an aesthetic philosophy rather than a focus on nationality, Design House Stockholm has gathered a Scandinavian design collection that has characteristics which outlive temporary trends.


atelier floor hanger

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