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Flip Dining Table

from Design House Stockholm

flip dining table

Design Jesper Ståhl, 2019
Solid oak, oak veneer over MDF
Made by Design House Stockholm

Flip down one side, flip down two sides, fold in the supports. Flip Table is a folding table that folds into three different sizes. Most tables folds once, Flip Table folds twice from the alongside and as a result, presents distinctive expressions. Flip Table goes from large, to medium and small making it attractive for compact living and useful as a dinner table, a work space, or a display table.

Choose your desired length: 35, 63, or 91 inches. Use the Flip Table XS with a 35 inch width and length as a desk for work or a sideboard, making it perfectly square when fully unfolded. Opt for the original Flip Table M in a 63 inch version for a larger setting. And go for the impressive Flip Table XL at over 90 inches to use as a dinner table for eight, or when work demands a larger desk space.

Jesper Ståhl is a Swedish freelance designer with a Masters in design from the Royal College of Art in London. His broad portfolio includes everything from tools and cutlery to furniture and lighting. He has received lots of awards and recognition, both nationally and internationally. Jesper is passionate about creating products that are poised between limitations and the user experience, that aim to highlight a personality and an expression through collaboration, innovation and creativity. His work has a clear Scandinavian simplicity, often with a personal touch and a creative construction These are designs that tell a story

Flip Table is all about flexibility, a table that will cater to many different needs. Extra small, medium, or extra-large: Flip Table is always at hand ready to adapt for any kind of assignment and will easily assume a new role with a change of house.

Quick-ship options:
- M size - black

XS: 35.4" w | 35.4" d | 28.8" h
M: 63" w | 35.4" d | 28.8" h
XL: 90.6" w | 35.4" d | 28.8" h

$1,545.00 + free shipping
(quick-ship options typically ship in 5-7 business days, please allow 6-8 weeks for all others)
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Armed with an aesthetic philosophy rather than a focus on nationality, Design House Stockholm has gathered a Scandinavian design collection that has characteristics which outlive temporary trends.


flip dining table

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