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Original Bottle Opener

from stelton

original bottle opener

Design Peter Holmblad, 1974
Stainless steel
Made by Stelton

The cylindrical form, which is known from many of Stelton's other products, is also a characteristic feature of the bottle opener designed by Peter Holmblad. The well-known bottle opener in stainless steel will decorate any table or bar trolley and home bar.

Peter Holmblad (born 1934), previous export manager, CEO and owner of Stelton, is a key figure in Stelton's history. Between 1963 and 2004, he was responsible for Stelton's transformation from a production company of common, stainless steel serving dishes and bowls to a well-established and respected design company. He is also a skilled designer with a strong commercial understanding and an eye for detail. Among other things, Holmblad is the creator of the well-known flower watering can as well as the Original series consisting of the well-known cheese slicer and the perfect bar equipment.

In 1964, after several attempts, Peter Holmblad managed to convince his stepfather, architect Arne Jacobsen, to design a new coffee and tea service in stainless steel. This resulted in the famous Cylinda Line, which won the ID award in 1967. The design collaboration marked the beginning of a new era for Stelton. After Arne Jacobsen's death in 1971, Peter Holmblad engaged the potter Erik Magnussen as a new house designer, and Stelton has since collaborated with a long list of Danish and international designers and architects.

0.6" diameter | 4.7" h

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Iconic designs like Arne Jacobsen's Cylinda line and Erik Magnussen's EM77 vacuum jug are the basis of Stelton's DNA. Stelton's durable & functional products are present in tasteful homes and offices all over the world.


original bottle opener

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