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Carousel Table Lamp

from Pablo

carousel table lamp

Design Pablo Pardo, 2023
Steel, acrylic
Made by Pablo

Carousel blurs the line between ambiance and utility combining a low setting wireless charging tray surface for your mobile devices with warm, glare-free illumination. It's low profile LED light module is discreetly concealed below its mating tray and suspended atop a transparent fluted acrylic cylinder diffuser that radiates mesmerizing light patterns onto the table surface below.

Perfectly suited for desktop or bedside use, Carousel embodies a uniquely hybrid perspective on what a personal light can be. The base diffuser is offered in both clear and bronze tint and can be paired with a spun steel tray in matte white, terracotta, and black finishes. The table version comes in a 4.3" or 6.9" height base with either a 12" or 16" top tray. A floor version that also serves as a side table is also available.

* integrated flat panel LED
* capacitive touch switch
* 3-stage dimming (100/40/10%)
* dim to warm (2700K - 2200K)
* wireless charging with indicator light
* USB-C charging port
* 280 lumens

small base: 4.3" h | 10" diameter
large base: 6.9" h | 10" diameter
12" or 16" diameter top tray
6' black fabric cable

$510.00 + free shipping
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Pablo's core lighting design principles inform the development of every light in the collection and moves within design culture, withstands trends and carries underlying uniqueness.


carousel table lamp

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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