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Koeda Rack

from Cappellini

koeda rack

Design Nendo, 2017
Square & round metal bars, matte varnish
Made in Italy by Cappellini

"A branch unexpectedly juts out from inside a square-shaped frame. When a coat is hung on the branch, the weight is focused in the center of the frame and the stability of the frame is increased so the base of the frame can be made light-weight and compact.The relationship between 'inside' and 'outside' is completely reversed in this coat stand." - Nendo

The Koeda clothing hanger was designed by Nendo. The structure is made of metal rods and square bars, which form a box shape out of negative space; the geometric rigor is interrupted by a single inner branch on which garments can be hung.

Under the direction of architect Oki Sato, the group that gathers under the name Nendo has represented a cultured and refined alternative to self-celebrative design since 2002. "Nendo" means "clay" in Japanese; the job of the Nendo group in the field of interior architecture, furniture and graphics is to be as pliable and flexible as clay. In just a few years and running on a big personality and unmatched determination in the field of modern design, Nendo has already received several international credits.

The Koeda coat hanger is available with a matte varnished finish in white, black or mud.

13.75" w | 13.75" d | 63" h

$2,125.00 + free shipping
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koeda rack

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