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Gogan Sofa with Chaise

by Patricia Urquiola from Moroso

gogan sofa with chaise

Design Patricia Urquiola, 2019
Polyurethane foam, internal wood frame, upholstery
Made in Italy by Moroso

The Gogan collection takes its name from nature and in particular from Japanese stones rendered smooth by time and water, which provided the inspiration for this project. This is the name given to the Japanese stones placed to protect and embellish the banks of rivers and lakes. The sofa's form, as much as the armchair's form, in fact reminds us of flat stones sculpted by wind and water, solid yet smooth enough that you can lie on them.

Just like in rock sculptures, where stones maintain their balance by being carefully positioned and interlocked, it is the shape that maintains the balance between the elements on the Gogan sofa and armchair, which is not overly regular. By playing around with gravity and balance, we can make normally heavy shapes lightweight.

The seats are soft and irregular with the centre of gravity being slightly inclined towards the rear. This gives exceptional comfort and allows the backrest to be kept lower. The backrest and seat are joined by abutments, which lend the sofa a sense of lightness, so that it appears as if it was suspended above the ground.

The Gogan Sofa with Chaise is part of the modular Gogan Collection that includes a variety of different sofa components. Additional sizes and components of the Gogan Collection are available, please contact the Hive Showroom for assistance ordering: 1.866.663.4483

111.75" w | 67" d | 27.5" h | seat: 17.25" h

$12,445.00 + plus shipping
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Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola believes in design that combines the humanistic, technological and social. Her design finds unexpected connections between the familiar and the unexplored.
Iconic designs have propelled Moroso in the designer furniture market with help from well known designers: Patricia Urquiola, Konstantin Grcic and others. Each piece maintains a noticeable Moroso style while representing other cultures as well.


gogan sofa with chaise

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