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Saula Marina Sofa

from Moroso

saula marina sofa

Design Javier Mariscal, 1995
Polyurethane foam, wood frame, upholstery, beech feet
Made in Italy by Moroso

"To formalize the Alessandra armchair and the Saula Marina sofa, its design is inspired by organic forms, fleeing from the straight line and geometry. Alessandra plays with collage, with the cutting up of shapes and with the patchwork technique. They are pieces of furniture that transcend their function: they have been conceived more as an image than as pure volume. Both express a way of thinking and relating to the user and the space he or she inhabits. That is why their appearance is so striking and, deep down, so timeless." - Javier Mariscal

Mariscal's visual heritage is drawn from the world of comic books, which he freely admits to drawing inspiration from. Alessandra, Eulalia Perez, Saula Marina, seem to have stepped out of the pages of some underground comic, with which they share the same irony, bordering on sarcasm, and a playful approach to contemporary life. Anticonformist, libertarian, post-modern: Mariscal designs the storyboard for a tale told from the perspective of a teenager, where experience always comes before meaning. The desire for roundness, overlapping and amorous couplings of bodies and forms, release the pieces from the normal passing of time into another place, a world which is also our own.

Graphic designer, illustrator, furniture designer, filmmaker, painter, sculptor and ceramic artist, Javier Mariscal is an artist who loves challenges. An irreverent artist to whom the word "freedom" has guided his existence. Draw in any corner everything you see. His style is impulsive and carefree and he moves easily in different techniques and mediums. His first comic strip was published in the mid-70s in various fanzines of the time. He played a very active role in the Movida and in the visual revolution of the Spanish comic with his characters Los garriris (1974). He began to be considered a prominent designer with the design of the Barcelona logo created in 1979 and the design of the Duplex stool that was exhibited at the iconic Milan exhibition (1981) organized by Ettore Sottsass of the Memphis Group. A prolific designer, he has completed one project after another and has exhibited at the Pompidou Center in Paris, Documenta in Kassel, with retrospectives at the Design Museum in London, La Pedrera in Barcelona and in Korea. His work is in various collections, both public and private; MOMA, Pompidou Center, Victoria & Albert Museum, Vitra Design Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Barcelona Design Museum, Lafuente Archive, IVAM, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, MACBA and the Center National des Arts Plastiques, among others.

76.75" w | 37.5" d | 37" h | seat: 17.75" h

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Iconic designs have propelled Moroso in the designer furniture market with help from well known designers: Patricia Urquiola, Konstantin Grcic and others. Each piece maintains a noticeable Moroso style while representing other cultures as well.


saula marina sofa

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