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Twenty-Five Bedside Chest with Drawer

from De La Espada

twenty-five bedside chest with drawer

Design De La Espada, 2022
Solid wood, junco weave
Made in Portugal by De La Espada

Crafted from solid timber and junco, the Twenty-Five Bedside Chest is the perfect companion for the Twenty-Five Bed. The side panels are woven on a loom at the historic Portuguese basket-making workshop Toino Abel before being applied to the beautifully detailed solid timber frame.

Offering generous yet compact storage with cable management, the bedside chest has one shelf and one soft-close drawer. The drawer front features a recessed handle on top and bottom, hidden from view, to allow easy access to the drawer contents both when in and out of bed. Thoughtful detailing includes using magnets to hold the woven panels in place to allow easy access to the cable management compartment, the recess in the tabletop serving to prevent items from rolling off, and the understated yet complex joint where the leg meets the top.

Crafted at the solar-powered De La Espada factory in Portugal. Designed by De La Espada Atelier and rigorously engineered with the support of the De La Espada product development team and expert craftspeople. Durability, comfort and aesthetics combine for a product that lasts a lifetime. Timber is sustainable solid wood from North America or Europe, offering long-term repairability of the surface. Natural color and grain variations in every plank make each piece an individual. Traditional wood joinery bonded with wood glue ensures structural integrity. All finishes are non-toxic and applied by hand, sprayed or rubbed.

24.4" w | 18.1" d | 19" h

$6,110.00 + $395.00 shipping (curbside delivery in the continental US)
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De La Espada combines highly skilled craftspeople with noble materials, traditional joinery, craft and advanced technology to realize each design to the highest standard.


twenty-five bedside chest with drawer

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