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Moby Table Lamp

from karakter

moby table lamp

Design Birgitte Due Madsen & Jonas Trampedach, 2015
Acovi acrylic
Made in Denmark by Karakter

Moby is an extraordinarily sculptural table lamp. Filled with intriguing contrasts, it balances a soft and comforting light with a striking, futuristic design. The void in the main element creates a small cap in which the light source is enclosed. When Moby is on, the soft light unfolds and illuminates the cavity, immediately drawing the attention to the organic curves.

In 2016, Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach received the prestigious Silver Hetsch medal for Moby, the highest recognition available from the Danish Art and Crafts Movement of 1879. The two designers run separate studios in Copenhagen, but their collective fondness of the soft, delicate plaster material, typically used for fine art and prototypes, led to this collaboration and the creation of Moby. The lamp was originally cast in plaster, but has now been translated into a durable matte acrylic material with a similar silky-smooth expression.

Birgitte Due Madsen is an artist and designer living and working in Copenhagen. Her portfolio ranges from handmade, custom and serial furniture to sculptures and unique pieces. Through an autonomous and unpretentious approach, she integrates materials such as gypsum, resin, concrete or stone and uses various techniques to achieve her design ideals. Her works are characterized by a subtle, poetic color scheme, tactile textures and a strict, playful geometry.

Designer Jonas Trampedach's work is based on clear, legible principles, often with a sculptural quality. While the majority of his projects can be defined as industrial design, many of them also incorporate elements of craft. His Copenhagen studio was established in 2010 and centers around products, furniture and lighting. The studio has a flexible and varied approach to materials, processes and techniques, and the works span from mass production design to limited editions and unique pieces.

* integrated 2700K 6W LED
* dimmer on cord (white)
* UL listed

9.5" w | 7.9" h | 3.75" d

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Karakter was founded on a spirit of exploration, courage and quality. Presenting a portfolio of furniture & lighting that is relevant, honest and expressive.


moby table lamp

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