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Bodil Kjaer Office Desk

by Bodil Kjaer from karakter - sale

bodil kjaer office desk

Design Bodil Kjaer, 1959
Natural oak or walnut veneer, stainless steel
Made in Denmark by Karakter

"Nothing, but nothing in my professional life has had a definite beginning nor a definite ending. It has all been flow and overlap" - Bodil Kjaer

The iconic desk, designed in 1959, was the first of its kind with its pure and simplistic design, almost floating mid-air. Bodil Kjær's design has been called "The most beautiful desk in the world" or, the "James Bond desk" as it was featured prominently in three early Bond movies. Elevated on slender steel legs, the spacious, freestanding work table has an air of architectural transparency and is as practical as it is handsome. With its exquisitely pure lines, Office Desk is a premier example of Danish Modern design principles. The Office Unit series was part of Kjær's design concept, Elements of Architecture, a range of functional furniture for open and flexible workspaces and everyday life developed in the 50s and 60s.

* top veneer is available in either a white lacquer oak, clear lacquer oak, or clear lacquer walnut
* base is finished in a red or dark grey lacquer or raw stainless steel
* 4 storage drawers
* 5 solid brass keys for the desk drawers included

70.9" w | 29.5" h | 35.4" d

$7,372.00 + free shipping
(please allow 10-12 weeks for shipment)
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Bodil Kjaer

Bodil Kjaer has significantly contributed to Danish Modern design principles through her travels, knowledge gathering and promotion of relationship between design and architecture.
Karakter is founded on a spirit of exploration, courage and quality. Presenting a portfolio of furniture, lighting and objects that is relevant, honest and expressive. Each piece has a clear expression, ensuring pride of place in spaces worldwide.


bodil kjaer office desk

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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