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Oell Side Table

from Arper

oell side table

Design Jean-Marie Massaud, 2022
Powder-coated steel, porcelain stoneware or MDF
Made in Italy by Arper

Oell proposes a more natural way to work with a laptop or tablet while sitting in an armchair. Instead of using a support specially designed for devices, the design offers something that looks more gentle and refined. The collection consists of an asymmetrical low table in two heights, one quite low like a coffee table, and the other at just the right level to position a laptop in front of the sitter by reaching over the side of the armchair.

Oell is a very practical product developed around different kinds of situations. The first intent of the table is to comfortably allow someone to work from a lounge chair, but it can also bring a teacup or a cocktail within reach, or it could be a coffee table arching over the sofa. The aspiration was to develop a design that's very simple but at the same time suitable for many different settings; something that's a very quiet object, yet not invisible. Oell is a humble design, but it's quite flexible and smart. It's meant to be a complement that assists in all different postures, moments, and situations. While the table doesn't announce that it's designed for work because it's not specialized looking, it's always there and ready to serve when the need arises.

17.9" dia | 22.75" h

$993.00 + free shipping (curbside delivery in the continental US)
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Arper has a distinct place in the design world due to a collaboration with the firm Lievore Altherr Molina. Arper is focused on environmental quality and sustainability and using low-emitting recyclables.


oell side table

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