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Skynest Pendant

by Marcel Wanders from Flos

skynest pendant

Design Marcel Wanders Studio, 2022
Recycled polyester weave, aluminum
Made by Flos

Skynest is the newest creation by Marcel Wanders Studio for Flos. By weaving filaments of light, this unique lamp seamlessly combines both elegance and technical innovation. Skynest has the typical pendant light shape, with a central core and with what, at first glance, looks like a lampshade. The light, however, is not emitted by a bulb or by an LED board, but by the elements that form the structure of the lampshade: LED strips covered in fabric. Delicate textile tubes, integrated with LED lights, reminiscent of thread, are woven throughout the design of the lamp, creating a unique element of surprise, which challenges the bulb lighting archetype.

The dome is a combination of luminous and dark elements arranged into a network and formed of core structures covered with a thin interwoven colorful tubular mesh made from recycled and recyclable fabric produced from polyester. Every single luminous element is powered by special micro-connectors located at the top of the dome and is covered with a two-tone mesh, while the side facing the inside of the dome is always white in order to allow for optimal light emission from the LED module. Skynest is fitted with a built-in balancing system at the top of the dome which helps adjust its balance, making it perfectly stable. The bottom of the dome is completed by an aluminum ring that keeps the domes entire network structure in place through a simple snap-fit system.

This beautifully innovative lamp is available in various models including Pendant, Ceiling, Wall and Ceiling-to-Floor variants. Plastic ceiling rose painted with the same finish as the lamp, fitted with built-in electronics that allow for the use of different dimmer systems: 0-10V / 1-10V / DALI / PUSH. Skynest is assembled with absolutely no glue so it can be fully separated to be recycled in the future and in case of any repairs or replacements.

35.6" dia | 8.4" h

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Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders first drew international recognition for his Knotted Chair produced by the Dutch design brand Droog. The Knotted Chair has since been acquired by the permanent collection of the MoMA.
Design and innovation have been the two main pillars of Flos lighting since 1962. Taking care of the Planet and its inhabitants through beautiful and sustainable lighting is a third new pillar.


skynest pendant

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