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To-Tie Table Lamp

from Flos

to-tie table lamp

Design Guglielmo Poletti, 2022
Anodized aluminum, polycarbonate
Made by Flos

"To-Tie is a collection of table lamps with a distinctive feature summed up in the name, which refers to the English verb to tie, to fasten. The construction of the lamp was born by putting in relation three simple elements: cable, bar and cylinder. The core of the project lies in the tensioning system, which outlines both the formal and functional qualities of the lamp, entwining them in a mutual bond. Thanks to the inspiring collaboration with Flos and to the company's unique know-how, my personal research on the theme of structural tension has been successfully translated for the first time into an industrial lighting." - Guglielmo Poletti

The lamp is made up of a series of elements reduced to the bare minimum and held together by mechanical tension alone, without the need for screws, glues or welds. The structure of To-Tie allows its components to perform multiple functions. The light source is integrated in an anodized aluminum bar that not only emits light, but also acts as a handle to lift the lamp. Likewise, the fabric electrical cable, besides supplying power to the bar, allows to fix the latter to the borosilicate glass cylinder, whose extreme clarity highlights the geometric composition of the joint. Designed with a very high level of precision, and with the utmost attention to the nature of the respective materials, each element of To-Tie plays a central role in defining the functional aspects of the lamp. The care for the detail and the refinement of each component make To-Tie a precious object: the borosilicate glass is finished by hand on the whole perimeter of the edges; the fabric electrical cable forms an harmonious as well as functional knot, and is secured by cable retainers specifically designed; the anodized aluminum bar has a special knurling which is also carried over into the customized switch command.

The collection is comprised of three different lamps, differentiated in their size and proportions according to the context for which they are intended: the smallest one can be used as a light next to the bed, the tallest one can find its perfect location on top of a console, while the largest one can be placed on a low table in a living room. The peculiar configuration of the structure confers the lamps an autonomous presence in the space, even when they are turned off.

The assembly method free of screws and glues allows the lamps to be easily disassembled in order to replace the components or to dispose of them correctly, facilitating the recycling process at the end of the product's life.

* 2700K, 10W integrated LED
* 71" black fabric cord
* Dimmer switch on cord
* IP20 rated

T1 - 7.8" dia | 7.4" h
T2 - 7.8" dia | 13.3" h
T3 - 11.8" dia | 8.6" h

$623.00 + free curbside delivery delivery in the continental US
(usually ships in 7-10 business days)
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Design and innovation have been the two main pillars of Flos lighting since 1962. Taking care of the Planet and its inhabitants through beautiful and sustainable lighting is a third new pillar.


to-tie table lamp

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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