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candél portable lamp

from Pablo

candél portable lamp

Design Pablo Studio, 2020
Anodized aluminum, PMMA diffuser
Made by Pablo

Inspired by a cone of light, Candél's graceful vessel-like silhouette is in perfect harmony with its surroundings allowing the environment to filter through. Candél casts a warm, intimate candle-like glow that's sure to seduce and become the central focus of any social gathering. Candél is a fully rechargeable portable LED light designed for both indoors and outdoors. Features a robust PMMA body in Clear, Smoked, or Bronze tint combined with a striking anodized aluminum light module that offers capacitive touch light control to provide up to 4 light levels to set the perfect ambiance. Battery life ranges from 10 to 150 hours depending on light intensity.

* Fully rechargeable
* 2500K - 1800K color temperature range
* Integrated LED (100 lumens)
* Indoor and outdoor safe
* Included 6' charging cable
* Up to 150 hours on a single charge

3.8" w | 3.8" d | 10.5" h

$195.00 + free shipping
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Pablo's core lighting design principles inform the development of every light in the collection and moves within design culture, withstands trends and carries underlying uniqueness.

candél portable lamp

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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