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capitello by gufram

by studio 65 from Gufram

capitello by gufram

Design Studio 65, 1971
Soft polyurethane finished in Guflac
Made in Italy by Gufram

What happens if a Majestic Greek column falls down and breaks into several pieces? The answer is obvious; it is transformed into a Gufram lounge. The remains are in fact contemporary archaeological finds, that give life to a modular system of seats - of neoclassical taste and Pop attitude - that can exist as single elements or be combined one with the other. This architectural archetype, produced in polyurethane, becomes in this way a series of objects of industrial design of smooth texture and cosy ergonomics.

The Ionic volute, which is the upper part of the column and was not by chance called Capitello, becomes a luxurious chaise lounge.

47.3" x 43.4" x 32.3" (inches)

$13,500.00 + free shipping
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studio 65

During the course of 1965, a group of architecture students started thinking that they wanted to become architects when they grew up. However, after having encountered the grown-up world they decided that although they wanted to become architects, they didn’t want to become grownups.
Gufram produces design icons that have an imaginative flair typical of art. Gufram's iconic creations like Pratone and Cactus are known as Domestic Sculptures and interpret both the artistic and the design worlds.


capitello by gufram

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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