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bed one

from De La Espada

bed one

Design Manuel Aires Mateus
European Douglas Fir with white oil finish
Made in Portugal by De La Espada

With an emphasis on longevity and the sensory response, Bed One has a quiet, considered form with beautiful functionality and detailing. Utilizing astonishingly proportioned planks of Douglas fir timber, the headboard is made from just five wide planks, the wood grain a continuous flow to the platform base. A simple shelf features at the back of the headboard.

This bed frame is available in two sizes, each accommodating a variety of mattress sizes. Available in European Douglas Fir with a white oil finish. Platform base is black stained MDF with holes for air circulation.

NOTE 1: As a softwood, Douglas fir will mark will regular use. Our care instructions include guidance on how to steam-repair dents in the timber, however we recommend embracing some level of wear and tear as part of the ongoing story and beauty of your Douglas fir furniture. NOTE 2: Knots are naturally present in this timber, lending character to each plank. NOTE 3: California King mattresses will leave a narrower footboard on the bed frame than other mattresses. Please check the dimensions indicated above.

Manuel Aires Mateus is an award-winning Lisbon-based architect whose projects explore the roles of memory and knowledge combined with the relationship between the physical and cultural worlds. His work seeks to reflect every scale of our lives and searches for the enduring state of shape and materiality.

Crafted at the solar-powered De La Espada factory in Portugal. Designed by a creative partner and rigorously engineered with the support of their in-house product development team and expert craftspeople. Durability, comfort and aesthetics combine for a product that lasts a lifetime.

Timber is sustainable solid wood from Europe, offering long-term repairability of the surface. Natural color and grain variations in every plank make each piece an individual. Traditional wood joinery bonded with wood glue ensures structural integrity. All finishes are non-toxic and applied by hand, sprayed or rubbed.

US Queen (mattress 60" w × 80" L)
82" w | 101" L | 35.4" h | platform height: 11.8"
Side beams: 10.8" | Footboard: 9.3"

US King (mattress 76" w | 80" L)
94" w | 103.5" L | 35.4" h | platform height: 11.8"
Side beams: 9" | Footboard: 11.7"

mattress and bedding not included

$25,865.00 + $395.00 shipping (curbside delivery in the continental US)
(please allow 16-20 weeks for delivery)
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De La Espada combines highly skilled craftspeople with noble materials, traditional joinery, craft and advanced technology to realize each design to the highest standard.


bed one

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