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am chair

by Alberto Meda from Vitra.

am chair

Design Alberto Meda, 2016
Powder-coated aluminum, polyamide, die-cast aluminum
Made in Germany by Vitra

The AM Chair is the combined result of engineering skill, quality design and experience, uniting ergonomic functionality with technical elegance. Dynamic armrests and a height-adjustable back give the chair an emblematic appearance, while the slender plastic frame and translucent mesh cover bestow a sense of lightness and grace.

The AM Chair is an economical tool for today's office needs. Its synchronized ProMotion mechanism automatically responds to the respective user's weight, providing optimum personalized comfort without any prior adjustments. Simple, intuitive controls can be used for additional fine-tuning. The height-adjustable backrest provides both stability and flexibility, and its ergonomic contours ensure healthy seating. The pleasantly upholstered, perfectly molded seat provides immediate comfort when sitting down.

With numerous individual adjustment options, the AM Chair is an ideal task chair for prolonged periods of sitting at a permanent desk, but thanks to its excellent immediate comfort, it is also well suited for touchdown workstations with frequently changing users.

- Mechanical unit: weight-responsive synchronized mechanism and manual fine-tuning of backrest resistance with 180° adjustment knob. The backrest can be locked in the upright position. Equipped as standard with seat height and seat depth adjustment.

- Seat: seat plate made of polyamide; contoured seat cushion made of polyurethane foam; fabric cover.

- Back: backrest cover in LightNet mesh fabric, stretched over frame. Polyamide backrest frame in deep black.

- Height-adjustable backrest as a standard feature.

- Armrests: 2D armrests with adjustable height and width or 3D armrests with adjustable height, width and depth. Armrest supports in polyamide with polyurethane pads, both in deep black.

- Base: five-star base in deep black polyamide or in deep black powder-coated aluminum, with double casters (2.5").

AM chair without armrest: 19.5" w | 21" - 32.5" d | 39.25" - 47.25" h | seat: 15.75" - 20.5" h | 15.75" - 17.75" d
AM chair with 2D armrest: 25.25" - 27.75" w | 21" - 32.5" d | 39.25" - 47.25" h | seat: 15.75" - 20.5" h | 19.5" w | 15.75" - 17.75" d
AM chair with 3D armrest: 25.5" - 28" w | 21" - 32.5" d | 39.25" - 47.25" h | seat: 15.75" - 20.5" h | 19.5" w | 15.75" - 17.75" d

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Alberto Meda

Alberto Meda was the technical manager of Kartell in charge of development of furniture and plastic equipment. Meda came to design from engineering, bringing with him a pragmatic mind, and an attention to details as well as formal concerns.
Vitra is a Swiss company dedicated to improving the quality of space through the power of design. A central goal of Vitra is sustainable development. Trendy styling is avoided in favor of classic pieces that can be used for decades.


am chair

there are no reviews of this product yet.