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id trim office chair

by Antonio Citterio from Vitra.

id trim office chair

Design Antonio Citterio, 2010/2016
Polyamide or die-cast aluminum base, polypropylene, foam, upholstery
Made in Germany by Vitra

With its compact padding, the backrest of the ID Trim office chair conveys a sense of classic elegance and quality craftsmanship. The sandwich construction with integrated optional lumbar support provides the comfort of an upholstered backrest while being almost as slim as a mesh backrest - offering an alternative to both of these construction types for office chair backrests.

The ID Chair Concept offers countless customization options to suit individual users. Different variations of the FlowMotion mechanism, a selection of backrests, armrests, seats and bases, along with a broad array of colors and fabrics, enable every user and company to find the perfect ID Chair - whether for an open-plan setting, individual or team offices, conference areas or management offices. Despite the many possible variations, it always remains essentially the same chair in look and construction - with benefits for companies in terms of aesthetics, maintenance and service.

- Mechanical unit: individual adjustment of backrest resistance and forward tilt

- Backrest: polyamide frame in basic dark or soft gray. Optionally with height adjustable lumbar support. Cover in Leather or in Plano, Laser, Volo or Twill fabric.

- Armrests: height and width-adjustable 2D armrests or height, width and depth-adjustable, 360 degrees swivel 3D armrests. Armrest supports of polished aluminum. Armrest sleeves of polyamide in basic dark or soft gray to match the frame color. The polyamide armrests with polyurethane padding come in two color options: basic dark on a basic dark frame, or dim gray on a soft gray frame. Also available are height-adjustable or fixed-height ring armrests of polished die-cast aluminum for the conference area. The version with height-adjustable ring armrests features polyamide armrest supports in basic dark or soft gray to match the frame color.

- Seat: polyurethane foam upholstery with contoured seat. Seat cover matches the back cover in Plano, Laser, Volo or Twill fabric or in Leather. Leather covers are not recommended for chairs with enabled forward tilt because the user may slip out of the seat.

- Base: five-star base in polyamide (basic dark) or polished die-cast aluminum with double casters (2.5") or glides.

- Accessories: on request and for an extra charge, ID Trim is available with a coat hanger in basic dark or soft gray.

ID Trim with 3D arms: 27.5"-37" w | 20.5"-32.75" d | 39" - 43.25" h | seat: 15.75"-20.5" h | 15.75"-17.75" d | 19" w
ID Trim with 2D arms: 27.5"-29.5" w | 26"-31.25" d | 39" - 43.25" h | seat: 15.75"-20.5" h | 15.75"-17.75" d | 19" w

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Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio has designed for many brands including B&B Italia and Kartell. He is honored by the London Royal Society of Arts & Commerce to be given the title of “Royal Designer for Industry”.
Vitra is a Swiss company dedicated to improving the quality of space through the power of design. A central goal of Vitra is sustainable development. Trendy styling is avoided in favor of classic pieces that can be used for decades.


id trim office chair

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