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id mesh office chair

by Antonio Citterio, from Vitra. - sale

id mesh office chair

Design Antonio Citterio, 2010/2016
Polyamide or die-cast aluminum base, polypropylene, foam, upholstery
Made in Germany by Vitra

The ID Mesh office chair embodies technical transparency and lightness: fitted over a slender frame, the innovative spacer fabric has the translucent airiness of a net - yet it's as soft as a slim cushion. The Diamond Mesh cover allows air to circulate and offers sustained comfort even in warmer temperatures. ID Mesh can be optionally outfitted with a clothes hanger or headrest.

The ID Chair Concept offers countless customization options to suit individual users. Different variations of the FlowMotion mechanism, a selection of backrests, armrests, seats and bases, along with a broad array of colors and fabrics, enable every user and company to find the perfect ID Chair - whether for an open-plan setting, individual or team offices, conference areas or management offices. Despite the many possible variations, it always remains essentially the same chair in look and construction - with benefits for companies in terms of aesthetics, maintenance and service.

- Mechanical unit: FlowMotion mechanism, can be locked in the upright sitting position. Mechanical unit matches the frame color (basic dark or soft gray). Optionally available with or without synchronized forward tilt (can be disengaged) and with or without seat depth adjustment. Individual adjustment of backrest resistance and forward tilt.

- Armrest supports of polished aluminum. Armrest sleeves of polyamide in basic dark or soft gray to match the frame color. Backrest cover in Diamond Mesh 3D spacer fabric (mesh look) or Silk Mesh (solid look). Also available are height-adjustable or fixed-height ring armrests of polished die-cast aluminum for the conference area. The version with height-adjustable ring armrests features polyamide armrest supports in basic dark or soft gray to match the frame color. For Silk Mesh covers in avocado, brick and dim gray, the reverse side is matched to the frame color (soft gray or nero).

- Armrests: 2D armrests with adjustable height and width or 3D armrests with adjustable height, width and depth and 360 degree swivel function. Armrest supports in polished aluminum. Armrest sleeves in polyamide matched to the frame color (basic dark or soft gray). With polyurethane pads in basic dark (for frames in basic dark) or dim gray (for frames in soft gray). Optionally available with ring armrests in polished die-cast aluminum, with or without height adjustment, for use in conference areas. For height-adjustable ring armrests, armrest supports in polyamide are matched to the frame color (basic dark or soft gray).

- Seat: polyurethane foam upholstery. Optionally available with contoured seat. Seat cover in woven fabric or 3D spacer fabric.

- Base: five-star base in polyamide (basic dark) or polished die-cast aluminum, equipped with double casters (2.4" (60mm)) or glides.

- Accessories: headrest in polyamide (basic dark or soft gray) with adjustable angle and height, retrofit option. With polyurethane pad in basic dark (for headrest in basic dark) or dim gray (for headrest in soft gray). Clothes hanger in polyamide (basic dark or soft gray), retrofit option (max. weight load: 2 kg). Headrest and clothes hanger can be used separately or in combination.

ID Mesh with 3D arms: 27.5"-37" w | 22.75"-33 d | 38.25" - 43" h | seat: 15.75"-20.5" h | 15.75"-17.75 d | 19" w
ID Mesh with 2D arms: 27.5"-29.5" w | 22.25"-31 d | 38.25" - 43" h | seat: 15.75"-20.5" h | 15.75"-17.75 d | 19" w
ID Mesh with height-adjustable ring arms: 23.25" w | 22.25"-31 d | 38.25" - 43" h | seat: 15.75"-20.5" h | 15.75"-17.75 d | 19" w

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Antonio Citterio

Italian designer Antonio Citterio (b. 1950) still lives and works in Milan since graduating in architecture from the Politcenico di Milano. He has made designs for many manufacturers, including : Ansorg, B&B Italia, Flexform, Flos, Hackman, Iittala, Hansgrohe, Inda, Pozzi e Ginori, Kartell, Arclinea and Vitra. He operates his entirely own brand known for skilled craftsmanship in wood processing, Maxalto, under B&B Italia. The first Maxalto store opened in Paris, followed by Chicago and Miami. The company received new attention after appearing in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace. Citterio’s other work includes construction in Italy and abroad, as well as leading conferences and lectures.
Vitra is a Swiss company dedicated to improving the quality of spaces through the power of design. Product longevity is central to the company goal of sustainable development. Short lived styling is avoided in favor of classical pieces of furniture that can be used for decades, have several owners and end up as part of a collection.


id mesh office chair

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