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backstitch busy rug

from GAN

backstitch busy rug

Design Raw Edges
100% new wool
Made by GAN

The reverse side of embroidery work was the inspiration from which the Backstitch collection was born, with its seemingly random stitches, the result of the pattern that is meant to be shown on the side that is visible. Raw-Edges' designers discovered this frantic and irregular world while learning the technique of embroidery and, fascinated by its hidden and involuntary beauty, they created the suggestive designs that make up the Backstitch collection.

Deepening the possibilities offered by hand-operated looms, at GAN, they have gone a step further by exploring not only the traditional flat hand-loom designs, but also elements with high volume, practically three-dimensional, using pure virgin wool that is knotted, cut, braided or looped.

Its manufacture combines a hand loom technique with hand-embroidered areas. The embroidery work is made by the GAN Women's Unit, a team composed of female artisans in northern India. Powered by GAN, it offers autonomy and economic independence to the women who make up this group through stable and well-paid work.

The Busy model from the GAN Backstitch collection is a Raw-Edges studio design, inspired by the appearance of the reverse of embroidery work. Its stitching, irregular in terms of length, does not seem to follow a particular logic. They generate three patterns that seem to move in two directions, overlapping in a certain area. Available in two sizes.

Anti-slip underlays are an easy to install solution to improve the care of your rugs. They prevent friction and wear and tear, prolonging the rugs useful life and keeping them well ventilated by preventing direct contact with the floor. Custom sizes are also available by calling the hive showroom.

5'7" w | 7'11" L | .28" h | 14.43 lbs.
6'7" w | 9'10" L | .28" h | 22.35 lbs.

$2,040.00 + free shipping
(usually ships in 10-15 days if in stock. Otherwise, please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery)
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GAN's production system preserves tradition while renewing craftsmanship allowing artisan practices to evolve and expand. GAN rugs are made by hand in India by expert craftspeople using the best natural fibers available; cotton, jute, wool and recycled fibers.


backstitch busy rug

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