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duna rug

from GAN

duna rug

Design Odosdesign
100% wool
Made by GAN

Made with wool in very soft tones, the piece is accented with a colorful detail on two of its sides: a stitch-like finish made with thick coral-colored wool.

The kilim is an artisan method of rug making in which the weft is tightly woven on a manual loom, using only threads and no knotting. The result is a light fabric with no pile, similar to that of upholstery. It is a technique that offers great flexibility, a feature that GAN explores thoroughly to create high-impact details.

This is the Duna rug from the GAN kilim collection, a piece also available in runner and bedside format. Its hypnotic and intricate diamond pattern intertwines to infinity, created from a simple combination of straight and diagonal lines. It is a schematic geometric rug, created by Odosdesign studio.

Anti-slip underlays are an easy to install solution to improve the care of your rugs. They prevent friction and wear and tear, prolonging the rugs useful life and keeping them well ventilated by preventing direct contact with the floor. Custom sizes are also available by calling the hive showroom.

4'11" w | 6'7" L | .24" h | 7.7 lbs. | reversible
5'7" w | 7'11" L | .24" h | 11 lbs. | reversible
6'7" w | 9'10" L | .24" h | 17.6 lbs. | reversible
3'3" w | 13'2" L | .24" h | 13.89 lbs.
2'8" w | 4'9" L | .24" h | 3.97 lbs.

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GAN's production system preserves tradition whilst renewing craftsmanship allowing artisan practices to evolve and expand. GAN rugs are made by hand by expert craftspeople.


duna rug

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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