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mangas space plait rug

by Patricia Urquiola, from GAN

mangas space plait rug

Design Patricia Urquiola
Virgin wool hand loom
Made by GAN

The Mangas Space collection is the continuation of the search for generous textures and volume initiated by designer Patricia Urquiola with Mangas Original. Using the same manufacturing technique and manually operated looms with 100% virgin wool, Mangas Space delves deeper into greater three-dimensionality.

The series is composed of a set of rugs, pillows, poufs and large seats, which in some cases incorporate backrests and can be used as a chaiselongues or to configure modular sofas. They have been designed to create informal spaces and change along with their environment, according to the needs of the moment.

This is the Plait rug from the Mangas Space collection. It combines two textures and colors: one side is braided and the other side resembles a thick knitted sweater. Both are made with voluminous wool threads. Its unusual cross shape is a nod to the patterns used to upholster the poufs of the collection.

5'3" w | 8'3" L | 1.57" h | 31.9 lbs.
6'3" w | 8'3" L | 1.57" h | 42.9 lbs.
7'3" w | 10'2" L | 1.57" h | 58.3 lbs.

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Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola believes in original design that combines the humanistic, technological and social. Her design is at the intersection of challenges and prejudices, and finds unexpected connections between the familiar and the unexplored.
GAN's production system preserves tradition while renewing craftsmanship allowing artisan practices to evolve and expand. GAN rugs are made by hand in India by expert craftspeople using the best natural fibers available; cotton, jute, wool and recycled fibers.


mangas space plait rug

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