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on & on stool

by Barber & Osgerby from Emeco

on & on stool

Design Barber & Osgerby, 2019
Recycled PET, plywood, glass fiber, pigment
Made in USA by Emeco

"Barber and Osgerby balance technical expertise, innovative thinking and poetry. Edward and Jay's idea for 'On and On' - a timeless, durable chair with a round seat that stacks up in a circular way - is the perfect fit for our newest engineered version of rPET, a recycled material that can be recycled again." -Gregg Buchbinder, Chairman, Emeco

Emeco and Barber & Osgerby introduce "On & On", a collection of chairs and stools that break new ground, combining longevity of design, durability, and the use of recycled materials that can be recycled again - on and on. The collection of chairs and stools that are physically and visually lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable, making them suitable for both demanding commercial environments and domestic use, indoors and out.

Emeco first used recycled PET (rPET) to make the 111 Navy Chair in 2010. Since then, they have continued to engineer and improve the material for even greater longevity and durability. The On & On collection is made of 70% rPET - waste plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in the landfill, 10% non-toxic pigment, and 20% glass fiber for strength.

The On and On collection is offered in a variety of seat materials, for different settings and purposes. The rPET seat versions - matching the chair and stool frames - are available in six crisp, timeless colors suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Plywood seats in oak or ash, and upholstered seats, offer a different appeal for interiors. The stools are available in two heights - bar stool height and counter height. Chairs with rPET or plywood seats stack 7 high, and chairs with upholstered seats stack 6 high.

With closed loop recycling as the ultimate goal, Emeco is currently working on a chair-to-chair program where customers can return old chairs, and they use the material to make their new chairs - all made & remade in America.

barstool: 16.8" w | 16.8" d | 29.5" h | 12 lbs.
counter stool: 16.8" w | 16.8" d | 24.75" h | 11 lbs.

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Barber & Osgerby

Barber and Osgerby met while studying Architecture at The Royal College of Art. Their portfolio encompasses furniture, lighting, product design as well as art & architecture and their work is held in collections around the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Emeco holds tightly to a foundation of craftsmanship and utilitarian design. The guiding principle is sustainability, design plus craftsmanship.


on & on stool

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