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cherner under counter stool

by Benjamin Cherner, from Cherner

cherner under counter stool
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cherner under counter stool

Design Benjamin Cherner, 2019
Laminated plywood, molded plywood
Made in the USA by The Cherner Chair Company

The latest design from Benjamin Cherner. The Under Counter Stool features a molded plywood seat with a laminated wood base and a bright chrome footrest. Available in bar and counter heights. Optional upholstered seat pad is available in fabric or leather. Made in the USA.

Please note: "Natural" walnut products have only a clear finish applied. The lighter beech core and darker walnut face veneer are brought into vivid contrast. Products with a "Classic" walnut finish have a stain applied to both the beech core and the face veneer which gives the products a uniform walnut color (very little contrast in color between the beech core and the walnut veneer).

counter height stool: 19" w | 17.5" d | 25.5" h | seat: 25" h
bar height stool: 19" w | 17.5" d | 29.5" h | seat: 29" h

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Benjamin Cherner

Benjamin Cherner

Benjamin Cherner is the son of the furniture designer Norman Cherner and co-founder of the Cherner Chair Company, sole authorized licensor of Norman Cherner’s designs. Benjamin heads the multi-disciplinary design studio Chernerdesign and designed the Cherner Table, inspired by and made to correspond with his father’s famous pieces. His most recent work, a duplex penthouse in New York's East Village has been featured in Dwell magazine and the New York Open House tour. Benjamin Cherner is a registered Architect in New York and Connecticut and holds degrees in Architecture from Arizona State university and Columbia University. He lives in New York City with his wife the landscape architect Emma O'Neill, and their two children Zelda and Bram.
Norman Cherner experimented in all aspects of design, including glassware, lighting, graphics and furniture. He was also one of the pioneering architects behind America's first pre-fabricated houses, which began to appear during the 1950’s. However, for the past 50 years, it was Cherner's molded plywood chairs that have helped make him a household name, as they have appeared in numerous different hotels, restaurants and homes around the world. In 1999, Norman’s sons Benjamin and Thomas Cherner formed the Cherner Chair Company to reissue their father’s designs. In addition to the popular molded plywood chairs, the company features new designs from Benjamin Cherner.


cherner under counter stool

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