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piloti side table

from Fredericia

piloti side table

Design Hugo Passos, 2016
Solid oak wood
Made in Denmark by Fredericia

At first glance, the Piloti tables look extremely simple. However, if you look more closely and run your hand over the table, you will discover subtle details that make the surface appear extra sleek with its integrated transition to the round table legs. Piloti is made of solid oak, further adding to the table's tangible, material quality.

The Piloti series includes models with different table top dimensions and available in two different leg heights. Consequently, it is possible to combine the tables as a nest.

The versatility of the tables opens up for a wide range of possibilities and uses. For example as a side table, sofa table or bedside table in private homes. Moreover, the stable, solid oak construction ensures the tables are robust enough and suitable for public spaces such as hotel lobbies and corporate headquarters. The legs of the Piloti table can be unscrewed to facilitate transport or storage, and the tables are easy to disassemble and reassemble.

model 6700: 15.3" w | 12.2" d | 13.8" or 16.1" h | 5.1 lbs.
model 6705: 18.3" w | 15.3" d | 13.8" or 16.1" h | 6.2 lbs.

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Fredericia is a Danish Modern design house with a heritage of honoring quality through careful selection of materials, attention to detail and craft.


piloti side table

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