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pon side table

by Jasper Morrison from Fredericia

pon side table

Design Jasper Morrison, 2015
Solid ash or oak wood
Made in Denmark by Fredericia

"Discrete objects are more successful in building good atmosphere than eye catching ones." -Jasper Morisson

Pon is a series of solid wood side tables in different sizes that are both very stable, versatile and which can be used as either stand-alone furniture or combined in different heights. The smaller Pon tables are modest in size, but large enough for a book, a glass or a tray.

Our living spaces increasingly have to accommodate a wide range of activities – from relaxing with a book or newspaper and working on your laptop or watching films on a tablet to social gatherings of all kinds where food and drinks are served.

Pon was designed in 2015 by Jasper Morrison, who describes Pon as an alternative to the "overrated and badly named 'coffee table'". Instead of taking up space, the Pon tables' modest size means they can be used in front of a sofa as well as beside a low chair.

Pon is made of solid oak or ash. The strong focus on the material is enhanced by the fact that Pon lacks the usual distinction between table top and underframe. Instead, the table top, column and foot form an integrated whole. The Pon tables stand as distinct yet unpresuming sculptures in any room, in addition to which the solid wood will patinate beautifully over time.

The solidity of the Pon tables makes them perfect for spaces where a strong and stable table is required, for example hotel lobbies, art galleries and public lounge areas. Pon is extremely hard-wearing, yet strikingly elegant.

pon table 35: 13.8" dia. | 14.2" h | 11 lbs.
pon table 40: 15.75" dia. | 16.1" h | 12.1 lbs.
pon table 45: 17.7" dia. | 18.1" h | 15.4" lbs.

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Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is a British designer best known for furniture, lighting & everyday items. He seeks to design objects that fit seamlessly into daily surroundings that are simple and familiar in form.
Fredericia is a Danish Modern design house with a heritage of honoring quality through careful selection of materials, attention to detail and craft.


pon side table

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