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tres outdoor rug

by Nani Marquina from Nanimarquina

tres outdoor rug

Design Nani Marquina & Elisa Padrón, 2018
100% PET, hand loom, Dhurrie
Handmade by Nanimarquina

The collection arises from the desire to transfer the warmth of interior spaces to the outside world. Areas where the common denominator is the absence of walls and delineated spots, in which the rug becomes the perfect resource to define and create comfortable outdoor environments.

Within the new nanimarquina outdoor concept, some of the brand's most successful collections are represented such as Tres, Tres Stripes, and Tres Texture. A set of vibrant textures combined with different thicknesses and fiber blends, ensures an optimal aspect is maintained while bringing warmth to open-air environments. Fibers are replaced and homogenized by PET creating a new version.

Nanimarquina was founded in 1987 focusing on offering rugs to a world that is interested in creativity, quality and innovation. Today, Nanimarquina is one of the leading companies in the contemporary rugs sector. Under the premise of "reuse, reduce, recycle", they pay the utmost attention to caring for and preserving the environment that surrounds us. All of their rugs are hand made in countries with great traditions of craftsmanship. Nanimarquina also guarantees that no child labor is used in the manufacturing of their rugs. They also collaborate actively with organizations to further improve standards of living for those directly involved in the process of producing their rugs.

Tres outdoor rug is made from 100% PET (polyethylene), which is hand loomed in the Dhurrie style.

Stocked options:
- 5'7" x 7'10" - black, salvia
- 6'7" x 9'10" - black, salvia
- 8'2" x 11'6" - black, salvia

5'7" L | 7'10" w | total height: 8mm
6'7" L | 9'10" w | total height: 8mm
8'2" L | 11'6" w | total height: 8mm
9'10" L | 13'1" w | total height: 8mm

$2,070.00 + free shipping
(stocked items usually ship in 2-3 weeks, otherwise please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery)
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Nani Marquina

Nanimarquina was created as a brand dedicated to the design, creation and distribution of rugs and textile products for the home. Core values are observation, innovation, enthusiasm and the ability to make craft traditions contemporary.
Development and creativity are common denominators for Nanimarquina. The essence of brand, craft, and contemporary design are infused into each rug and elevates space where Nanimarquina is present. Climate Neutral certified.



tres outdoor rug

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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