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ambit wall lamp

from Muuto

ambit wall lamp

Design TAF Studio, 2019
Cast, extruded & spun aluminum, PVC cord
Made by Muuto

"Why do you get attracted to certain shapes and not others? With Ambit, we worked with the form and proportions in a very thorough and almost meticulous way. We discovered a unique dynamic between linear and rounded shapes that gives the lamp its unique outline, making the Ambit wall lamp a timeless design. With its adjustable arm and turnable head, the Ambit wall lamp has a functional character, joined by its clean expression with no visible screws and hand spun aluminum material for an elegant touch." -TAF Studio

The Ambit wall lamp is designed with a quiet, modern expression and subtle details. Alter the expression of the Ambit wall lamp to your personal need through its rotating arm and head, bringing a refined light to any bedroom, kitchen or hallway. The arm of the Ambit wall lamp can be adjusted around an axis of 120 degrees from the wall bracket. The lampshade of the Ambit wall lamp can be turned 60 degrees to either side, allowing for the user to choose between direct as well as indirect light.

TAF Studio is a Stockholm-based design and architecture studio making international headlines within product and interior design.

Ambit is made from old brazier traditions, the lampshades are press spun by hand. Hereafter, the lampshades are polished and painted by hand. The rail is cut from tubes that are adjustable to fit each other on a lathe machine. The rail is made from cast and extruded aluminum. Shades are spun aluminum. The Ambit wall lamp is mounted to a wall using a separate wall bracket part that the swing arm is snapped into, meaning that the lamp has a clean expression without visible screws. An extra wall mount piece is included which allows for the wiring to be integrated into the wall.

The Ambit Wall Lamp can be hardwired. Please note that the base of the lamp is smaller than a standard US junction box.
When hardwiring, we recommend using a trim plate, mounting onto a headboard or a fake wall.

6.6" w | 7.7" h | 16" from wall

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Muuto is rooted in a Scandinavian design tradition characterized by aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and honest expression.


ambit wall lamp

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