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emeco navy wood chair

from Emeco

emeco navy wood chair

Design Emeco, 1944/2019
Sustainable oak or walnut wood
Made in USA by Emeco

"Wood is one of the few organic, natural renewable resources. It's a strong material to make a long life chair, which fits our Navy Collection perfectly. With its rich nuances and smooth fingertip touch, wood has a special beauty that makes you really appreciate nature. Crafted into a Navy chair, it comes with heritage built-in. It will never go out of style." -Gregg Buchbinder

The Navy Wood Chair is a much anticipated solid wood edition of the classic aluminum 1006 Navy Chair. To coincide with the original Navy Chair's 75th anniversary, this addition to the family brings a new expression in a highly appreciated natural material.

With its smooth touch and feeling of warmth, the Navy Wood Chair is offered in three finishes; White Oak, Black-Stained Oak and Walnut - all locally sourced from sustainably managed forests and crafted in collaboration with Amish wood crafting neighbors in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The chairs have been carefully engineered to remain true to the original Navy chair - the iconic seat shape is carved from solid wood, and the curved backrest is made of bent wood, where the wood grain direction mimics the brush grain of the original brushed aluminum. The signature H-stretcher holding the legs in place ensure strength and stability and the wood types were selected to be timeless, useful, and hard wearing - true to the Navy heritage. This mindful exploration of craftsmanship, engineering and materials makes for a well built, humble chair with an innate beauty that lives up to the high standards set by the 1006 Navy Chair.

15.5" w | 19.5" d | 34" h | seat: 18" h | 11.5 lbs.

$905.00 + free shipping
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Emeco holds tightly to a foundation of craftsmanship and utilitarian design. The guiding principle is sustainability, design plus craftsmanship.


emeco navy wood chair

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