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magis deja vu stool

by Naoto Fukasawa from Magis - sale

magis deja vu stool

Design Naoto Fukasawa, 2005
Polished aluminum
Made in Italy by Magis

This simple stool proves designer Naoto Fukasawa's contention that "normal" should be anything but boring. Fashioned from lightweight aluminum, its trim profile, use of honest materials, and durability add up to seating that is good-looking and eminently perchable.

low stool: 19.7" h | 16.8" w | seat: 13" w
medium stool: 26" h | 18.5" w | seat: 13" w
high stool: 29.9" h | 19.7" w | seat: 13" w
ships ready to assemble.

$419.20 + free shipping
(High & medium height stools in polished aluminum or black usually ship in 5-7 business days. Please allow 16-20 weeks for all other options)
average rating: 5

Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa came to the United States in 1989 and started working for the then upstart ID Two company. In 1996, he helped to set up their Tokyo office and served as its head while they became known as IDEO. Fukasawa remained with the company until 2003 when he established his own company, Naoto Fukasawa Design.
Magis believes a design idea must not only be 'good', it must also satisfy criteria of aesthetic functionality. Magis combines quality production with astute design sensibility, preserving the tradition of Italian made craftsmanship.



magis deja vu stool

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