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fancy rug

from Blu Dot

fancy rug

Design Blu Dot, 2018
Handwoven wool & viscose
Made by Blu Dot

Sure, we admit Fancy is a lofty moniker, but it looks and feels as good as its name. The elegant interplay of two interwoven tones deliver a morale boost to any room and whatever you choose to put on it.

Handwoven 50% wool, 50% viscose

5 feet x 8 feet
8 feet x 10 feet
9 feet x 12 feet

$1,095.00 + plus shipping (curbside delivery in the continental US)
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Blu Dot was formed to address the lack of affordable quality home furnishings that appeal to modernists. Blu Dot thrives on collaboration and takes prides in designing, manufacturing and retailing.


fancy rug

there are no reviews of this product yet.
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