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multigeneration high task chair with 5-star base

from Knoll - Sale

multigeneration high task chair with 5-star base

Design Formway, 2016
Steel frame, polyurethane, glass-reinforced nylon
Made in USA by Knoll

Recognizing that we fidget - from tapping our feet to twirling our pens - to keep us alert and engaged, MultiGeneration by Knoll® has a form and function that encourages natural movement , allowing us to focus and communicate more effectively.

MultiGeneration by Knoll encourages collaboration with a responsive, open design that supports multiple postures and a diversity of people in shared, team and large group environments. MultiGeneration encourages natural movement, allowing us to focus, interact and communicate more effectively.

Multigeneration high task chair with 5-star base features:
* Open design allows for 270° sitting, perfect for collaborative, group environments
* Passive flex encourages natural movement, helping with energy and focus
* Perforated back provides airflow and coordinates with Generation by Knoll family of chairs
* Rolled top edge serves armrest when side sitting, or handle for transporting
* Height adjustability ensures comfort for extended work sessions
* Swivel base provides additional movement for collaboration
* Adjustable foot rest ensures proper posture for every user
* Approved & tested for use by individuals weighing up to 300 pounds
* Warranted for 12 years, 24-hours, 7 days a week, multi shift use.

Multigeneration is also available in a variety of different options and can be specified with an optional seat pad.

armless: 26" w | 27" d | 38"-48" h | seat: 22.7"-33" h (without seat pad)
with arms: 27" w | 27" d | 38"-48" h | seat: 22.7"-33" h (without seat pad) | arms: 9.1" h from seat
seat cushion adds .3" to seat height

$441.60 + free shipping
(please allow 4-6 weeks for this special chair to be created and shipped to your location)
average rating: 5
Knoll has remained true to the Bauhaus design philosophy that furniture should complement architectural space and not compete with it. Modernism is a passion at Knoll which results in ground breaking modern furniture.


multigeneration high task chair with 5-star base