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greta grossman series 62 desk

by greta grossman from GUBI

greta grossman series 62 desk

Design Greta Grossman, 1952
American walnut, high gloss black laminate, metal
Made in Denmark by Gubi

The 62 series desk and dressers are made of American Walnut veneer combined with high-gloss black laminate cabinet and top. The legs are made in black powder coated steel and the knobs are black lacquered. The 62-series consists of: Desk, Dresser 3, Dresser 4 and Dresser 6. The 62-series is made to order.

Grossman was highly influenced by European Modernism, which had been imported to the US by influencial architects, such as Walter Gropius (founder of the Bauhaus) and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Grossman, in turn, played a significant role in defining the aesthetic of mid-century Californian Modernism.

Today, Grossman's product designs are highly collectible and are sold at auctions all around the world. Grossman's products are unique, modern classic designs.

28.3" h | 47.2" w | 23.6" d
cabinet: 15.75" w | floor to underside of cabinet: 7.28" h
floor to underside of desktop: 27.52" h
floor to underside of support under desktop: 25.59" h

$4,999.00 + free shipping (curbside delivery in the continental US)
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greta grossman

Greta Grossman was one of the few female designers to gain prominence during the mid-20th century architectural scene in Los Angeles. Her early exposure to European Modernism deeply influenced her later architectural work, seen as a synthesis of European ideals and the culture with the lifestyle of Southern California.
GUBI is dedicated to celebrating the luxury of life. Designs that combine the past and the present for the new to evolve. GUBI is pursuing perfection with passion and courage. Evolution is the essence.


greta grossman series 62 desk

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