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hayon x nani rug

by Jaime Hayon from Nanimarquina

hayon x nani rug

Design Jaime Hayon, 2016
100% New Zealand wool, hand tufted
Handmade by Nanimarquina

The perfect gift for a 30-year milestone, the Hayon x Nani is a dreamy, wild collection with a great sense of humor. Created with the hand tufting technique, a manually operated pistol injects pieces of wool, intuitive and fluid lines are achieved, as well as an organic composition. The definitive and faithful reproduction of the original sketch by the designer.

A first glance reveals a chaotic tangle of colors and shapes that invade the rug. However, after looking carefully, the imagination of Jaime Hayón springs to life: turtles, lips, hands, stools, fish, half men - half birds…

Wool from New Zealand sheep is a natural, sustainable and biodegradable fiber. This beautiful wool is hypoallergenic, it is easy to care for, ages well and holds its color. It also minimized noise levels, while it creates a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Hand tufting is a manual weaving process that uses a pistol-shaped contraption. The rug's design is made over a taut cotton fabric and weaved with a tufting gun, which pushes and cuts sections of wool thread that are fastened to the base with a layer of latex.

Nanimarquina was founded in 1987 focusing on offering rugs to a world that is interested in creativity, quality and innovation. Today, Nanimarquina is one of the leading companies in the contemporary rugs sector. Under the premise of "reuse, reduce, recycle", they pay the utmost attention to caring for and preserving the environment that surrounds us. All of their rugs are hand made in countries with great traditions of craftsmanship. Nanimarquina also guarantees that no child labor is used in the manufacturing of their rugs. They also collaborate actively with organizations to further improve standards of living for those directly involved in the process of producing their rugs.

Hayon x Nani rug is handmade & hand tufted using 100% New Zealand wool. Offered in 4 sizes with custom sizes available on request. Hayon x Nani rug, size 3'11 x 4'3", includes wall hanging solution made with fabric sleeves sewn to the top back of the rug for the option of hanging on wall.

3'11" w | 4'3" L | wool pile height: 10mm | total height: 14mm
2'8" w | 7'10" L | wool pile height: 10mm | total height: 14mm
5'7" w | 7'10" L | wool pile height: 10mm | total height: 14mm
6'7" w | 9'10" L | wool pile height: 10mm | total height: 14mm
8'2" w | 11'6" L | wool pile height: 10mm | total height: 14mm
9'10" w | 13'1" L | wool pile height: 10mm | total height: 14mm

$1,730.00 + free shipping
(stocked items usually ship in 2-3 weeks, otherwise please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery)
average rating: 5

Jaime Hayon

With a foundation in skateboarding and graffiti art, Jaime Hayon studied industrial design in Madrid and Paris. Hayon’s work mixes art with design and his work often maintains a craft sensibility.
Development and creativity are common denominators for Nanimarquina. The essence of brand, craft, and contemporary design are infused into each rug and elevates space where Nanimarquina is present. Climate Neutral certified.


hayon x nani rug

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