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florence knoll rectangular dining table

by Florence Knoll from Knoll

florence knoll rectangular dining table

Design Florence Knoll, 1954
Coated marble, solid steel
Made by Knoll

In celebration of 100 years of Florence Knoll and in honor of her legacy, Knoll has launched a new set of designs inspired by archival products. Influenced by her groundbreaking collection of occasional tables and executive desks which became the gold standard for the industry, KnollStudio has introduced the Florence Knoll Dining Table and Mini Desk.

Florence Knoll's designs are reserved and cool, severe and angular, reflecting the objective perfectionism of the early 1960s. Based on dimensions from the archive, the dining tables can also be used as meeting tables.

The Florence Knoll dining tables feature tops with a transparent polyester coating in polished or satin finish to help eliminate use-associated stains. Please note: Marbles with a coating will yellow over time giving the marble a warmer tone. The legs are solid steel bars connected to horizontal steel tube rails using steel connectors in polished chrome finish. The KnollStudio logo and Florence Knoll's signature are stamped into the base of the table.

Larger tables, 78" & 94", include an added cross bar between the rails and feature a tension rod substructure to help support the weight of the marble top. Four steel rods connected to the top corners of the table base converge into a chrome box attached to the cross bar. This hidden structure prevents any deflection of the marble.

small rectangular table: 60" w | 36" d | 28.4" h
medium rectangular table: 78.75" w | 35.5" d | 28.4" h
large rectangular table: 94.5" w | 39.4" d | 28.4" h

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Florence Knoll

Florence Knoll was a architect & furniture designer. She graduated from Cranbrook and worked with leaders of the Bauhaus movement. At Knoll she revolutionized interior space planning with her belief in 'total design'.
Knoll has remained true to the Bauhaus design philosophy that furniture should complement architectural space and not compete with it. Modernism is a passion at Knoll which results in ground breaking modern furniture.


florence knoll rectangular dining table

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