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palladio rectangular table

from Artifort

palladio rectangular table

Design Claesson Koivisto Rune, 2016
Veneer, oak, lacquer, MDF, honeycomb core, plywood, steel
Made in Holland by Artifort

The Palladio table is a table in its most essential form - flat top, four straight legs, nothing else. So less is more, but less is also more... difficult. The connection between the leg and top is not just virtually invisible, but needs to be very strong. The design feature of the Palladio table lies entirely in the leg/top joint detail. Because the connection is so strong, an almost endless variation of sizes and proportions are possible. Adding a variety of colors and/or surface materials, the table works in almost any room or function and in combination with other furniture in any style.

Palladio rectangular tables & desk feature a 2" thick top with a light-weight honeycomb core and MDF lower side. The top layer can be specified in oak veneer with a standard oil finish or veneer with a transparent laquer or lacquered in structured lacquer matching powder coating structured colors. The edge finish matches top finish. The steel legs are offered in a variety heights in either sanded stainless steel (sanded horizontally), polished stainless steel or powder coat structure. Tabletop and legs are delivered unassembled. the legs are easily assembled using an allen key.

Palladio small desk: 47.2" L | 19.7" w | legs: 29.1" h | top: 2" thick
Palladio medium desk: 63" L | 23.6" w | legs: 29.1" h | top: 2" thick
Palladio large desk: 63" L | 31.5" w | legs: 29.1" h | top: 2" thick
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Palladio square table: 35.4" L | 35.4" w | legs: 15" h | top: 2" thick
Palladio rectangular table: 63" L | 23.6" w | legs: 15" h | top: 2" thick

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The foundations of Artifort were laid by Jules Wagemans. In 1890, he set up business as an upholsterer in Maastricht. His son, Henricus Wagemans, expanded the company into a furniture factory, which had a showroom in Amsterdam by the end of the 1930's and was already well known nationally. The economic recession of the nineteen thirties forced H. Wagemans & Van Tuinen, as the furniture company was then known, to create a distinctive profile. The emphasis came to lie on functionality, comfort, and quality combined with aesthetically pleasing design and an innovative use of materials. The new brand name became Artifort, derived from the Latin word 'ars' meaning 'art or knowledge', and 'fortis' meaning "strong or powerful."


palladio rectangular table

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